A Mother’s Plea

god heaven jesus mother plea prayer Oct 29, 2020

When Jesus returns to take us home,

Will you tread those golden streets with me?

And worship at His throne?

Will you walk with me in heaven; or will I have to walk alone?

If I go before you, can I look for you someday?

When Jesus gathers home His children,

Will you have been faithful along the way?


Will you hear the heavenly choir as we stand before His throne?

Or will you hear satanic laughter as you tremble, lost, and alone?


Oh, my children, walk with Jesus now

Then together we can call heaven home someday

Let us worship at His throne.

Come walk with me in glory

I don’t want to walk alone.


Oh my children, walk with Jesus now

He is calling you, will you answer?


Excerpts from a poem by Joyce Ready


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